Broadband V Sex

Lose your broadband connection or give up sex for a year. “No contest,” says the UK public!

Yes, that is right; one quarter of those surveyed in a new study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) said they would give up sex for a year rather than lose their broadband connection. The figures for other indulgences were much higher – some 65% would give up alcohol, 76% chocolate and 78% coffee.
The UK clearly has a love affair with the net, The new BCG study indicates that the internet contributes to 8.3% of the UK economy, a bigger share than for any of the other G20 countries.
The “internet economy” was worth £121bn in 2010, more than £2,000 per person; that made it bigger than the healthcare, construction or education sectors.
The UK also carries out far more retail transactions online than any other major economy.
Some 13.5% of all purchases were done over the internet in 2010 according to BCG, and this is projected to rise to 23% by 2016.
This may be particularly good news for small and medium-sized businesses that focus on the sector. The research suggests that their revenues have grown by 12.5% each year in the last three years.
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