Cheap technology helps small business grow big

How we cheered when we read this series of articles from the BBC. The articles reiterate our vision for the future of SMEs. Through cheap online technology, SMEs can use their advantages of being small, responsive and alert. Small is beautiful.

David Mills of Ricoh says “small companies could be ideally placed to take advantage of a rapidly changing landscape. Typically there is a perception that large organisations are able to invest in more advanced technological solutions which are out of reach of smaller companies, preventing them from competing on a level playing field. However, businesses will experience significant change in their industry sectors in the future due to the impacts of technology.”

By using such tools as Google Apps, you can share calendars with your colleagues and log into all your applications through a single portal available on your laptop or from your mobile. Through online bookkeeping systems such as Xero, you can issue invoices on the move and automatically reconcile your bank every day. Through Xero partners, you can operate all the stock control of your shop. The list is endless.  The technology is out there but many SMEs do not have the time or resources to access and understand what would be most useful for them.

Alex is our expert and can advise you, implement your requirements and will stand alongside you as you learn to take full advantage of the online technology which can help your business.

Please read the BBC articles here