Keep your website visitors

Once you have visitors to your website – congratulations! It is essential that you then do not loose any. Statistically you have only seven seconds to impress them and to keep them looking over your website. Therefore your homepage needs to be the best page on your website and needs to be different from all the other pages. Here are three things not to do on your homepage.

1) Welcome animations. We have all seen them, loading, loading, loading, yes still loading, it is fine if you have a fast internet connection but what about the visitors who do not? According to research you are likely to loose 50% of people which welcome animations.

2) Do not have more than two paragraphs of text on your homepage. People simply will not read large quantities of text and it does not set a great visual impact for the visitors entering your website. Have large images complemented with key phrases.

3) Music. This might set the scene for your business very well, but do not do it! Most people listen to music of their own or watch TV while browsing the internet, so music from a website becomes very irritating. Additionally the volume level can be very hard to set correctly so on some computers it will be louder than other computer. The easiest way to turn off loud music coming from a website is to simple leave the website.