Create a personal blog

The benefits of having a personal blog are becoming clearer with every passing day. Soon it will be something everyone has if they wish to stand any chance of “making it”. If you do not have a blog yet then I can guarantee you are missing out on a countless number of opportunities. I personally have been able to seize numerous opportunities that have landed at my feet due to my personal blog.

The simplest way to start a blog is get a blog from a free blogging service like or These are a great way to get started blogging and an opportunity to see if blogging is for you. The main problem with these services (and the reason they are free) is that your blog does not look professional. Your website address will be followed by or Additionally, Blogger put a bar promoting themselves across the top of your website – not ideal!

This, obviously, is not the best way to promote yourself online as you will only be seen as an amateur. To create yourself a more professional blog to promote yourself the simplest way is to purchase blog hosting which includes domain names. There are many companies offing blog hosting, but make sure the include a domain name. We offer such a service for £3.95 per month, we additionally offer support so that you become confident using your blogging website and understand how to get the most out of it.

We recommend getting WordPress blog hosting as WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform and is the most expandable. Anything can be easily added to WordPress from the ability to sell online, a social networking platform (like Facebook) to the limits of your imagination as you can create new features yourself.

If you are looking to stand out from the crowd we can design a personal blog for you which will give your blog the edge, increasing the opportunities you are likely to gain from all your hard work blogging. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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