Do you have a good website?

Why isn’t my website working for me? Why isn’t it driving customers to my services? Why am I bottom of Google?  Why Why Why?

Your website needs to reflect you and your image; it is your online presence saying “this is me”.  So, is the internet saying nobody likes you and your produce?  Not necessarily. The chances are the website is the issue, not you!

Tragically even when your website has been professionally designed, it may still not be working for you.

The BBC, in their new year’s technology predictions, emphasised the impact of social media.  “Oh no!”, I hear you groan; not something else to consider!

At StressFree Sites, we think you deserve to be informed and be able to judge for yourself what makes a website a good website, and to help in this quest we have created a short video to help you make your own judgment.