Online technology training

Are you using social media to connect to your customers and to generate traffic to your website?  People who do not are in danger of dropping down the Google rankings.

Do you know the use and value of a blog? Do you think you should be tweeting but do not know what to tweet about, when to tweet or how?

Technology is moving so fast we cannot hope to run our businesses and keep pace with all the advances in technology at the same time.  Yet it is those advances which give us the edge in this highly competitive economy.

We need to rely on technology enthusiasts to keep us ahead of the game.  Alex, with his entrepreneurial business acumen combined with his communication skills and teaching experience, is an ideal trainer.  He is offering a new range of training experiences which, due to their one-to-one nature, can be tailored to your individual needs.  Your location does not matter as Alex can communicate with you if you have an internet connection as one of our clients in Canada just discovered.  This client undertook training in WordPress and is now comfortably managing his eight interconnected web sites.