Freddie Mercury’s Favourite Wine

Our competition at Business South caused a great deal of intense discussion and one or two good-natured disputes. The aim was to win a bottle of Freddie Mercury’s favourite wine.

The question which was the root cause of the debate was, “How many weeks was Bohemian Rhapsody at number one in the UK Singles Charts?” Well, we can tell you with total conviction, the hit was number one for nine weeks on its first release; selling more than a million copies by the end of January 1976 and it reached number one again in 1991 for five weeks following Mercury’s death. Sorry to disappoint those optimists amongst you who went for figures in the high fifties; fortunately there is a lot of talent around in the UK and so no one person can dominate the charts to that extent. Congratulations to our winner Adam Scribbans from, cheers Adam.

Speaking of talent, Business South was an opportunity for local businesses to show their talents and to network. It was great to meet the owners of other SMEs and explore how we could help each other’s businesses. Overall I would say the spirit was one of optimism for the future, not the doom and gloom we hear daily in the press, particularly from the Eurozone.

In addition to the exciting exhibitions and social interaction, there were many stimulating and inspiring talks offered in the Biz Growth Zone. I particularly noted the huge number of people attending the Social Media talk – that really was standing room only. Those of you who know us at StressFree World know that we are social media experts and are happy to advise you, so if Facebook seems daunting, you are not sure you want to link with anyone and tweets are just unmentionable, feel free to have a chat.
Overall Biz South was a good start to the business year now we are all inspired, let’s get on with what we all enjoy: business!